Friday, November 4, 2011

Laurie Show, Lisa Michelle Lambert, Tabitha Buck, and Lawrence

Here is a photo of murder victim Laurie Show.

Here is a photo of Lisa Michelle Lambert. She is responsible for the murder of Laurie Show
Here is a photo of the other person that Lisa got to help her commit the crime. Her name is Tabitha Buck.

Here is a photo of the guy at the center of the murder triangle. Lawrence Yunkin.


  1. What a sad tragic story :( My heart aches, thinking of what she must have been feeling at that moment. She knew that Lisa was there to kill her and was surprised that the other girl was with her. She tried to defend herself, but knew holding off two would be difficult. I have 3 children, as of now 2012, 13 1/2 yr old daughter..9 yr old son, and our baby girl is 7. It's my worst fear that I wouldn't be there to protect them should something happen terribly. Oh how her Mother must be feeling. She didn't want to harm Lisa's baby, and pretty much gave her life so Lisa's baby would live. How tragic and Brave Laurie was. Far as Tabitha goes, she had a chance to save Laurie, but didn't. She is just as guilty. I could NEVER do such a thing. When I was 14..I was bullied by a girl named Tabitha, who was pregnant at that time, during that school year. Her and her friends cornered me in the bathroom, she smacked my face, her friends laughed and agged it on. I never struck her back because I was afraid of hurting her baby. As the days went on, one of the friends in the crowed came up to me and told me not to spend the night with one of the girls that were friends with them (I never knew that) that if I did, she was going to lure me out and her friends would be waiting, and planned to torture and kill me in a train that was sitting by the tracks. She told me not to tell them and didn't want to be seen with me. I was skeptic and decided to tell the friend I wasn't allowed to stay the night with her, she wanted me to go against my Mother and do it anyways....she got very angry and anxious. I knew then the girl was telling me the truth. I was so shocked and felt so betrayed. Afterwards, my "friend" called and harassed me. I had to transfer to another school, and finally it stopped. Later on when she was in her mid 30's she lured an older woman to a spot her where her friends were waiting. They beat this woman almost to death. She was able to tell the police who done this to her. She went to jail and her friends, and she to was pregnant with her 5th child, my "friend" who lured and help to beat her. I was watching the news, folding clothes and it suddenly came on. I had to sit down because it was very similar to what was suppose to happen to me. God will get them, woe unto these murderers.

  2. My baby sister is now 4.. and I worry about having children someday.. how I will protect her from bullies.